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Linear Mold & Engineering, a full-service injection mold design, engineering and manufacturing company, incorporating both traditional mold manufacturing and 3D


Linear Introduces “r&d Pods” To Its Existing Technology Transfer Programs

Designing and finishing a part are two of the most crucial aspects of 3D printing. Even many companies that have …


Linear Mold & Engineering – Bridging The Am Generation Gap

What is known today as 3D printing has gone through many different phases since it was invented as a means



Linear Mold & Engineering is a provider of tooling for injection molds, compression molds, and any tooling required for processing of thermoplastic resins. We are North America’s largest privately-owned provider of 3D Metal Printing services, an additive manufacturing process used in the creation of functional metal parts for prototyping purposes, as well as creation of conformal cooled tooling inserts for production injection molds. At Linear we see ourselves as a solutions provider where AM is Actual Manufacturing (i.e. AM-Actual Manufacturing). Linear has 10+ 3D Metal Printing machines, with plans for additional equipment. Linear offers complete services from product design to tool design and manufacturing for any type of plastic product. We are a leading manufacturer of prototype injection molds, bridge tooling, blow molds, prototype parts, and serve a variety of industries, such as the automotive, aerospace, medical, military and many more.